Schionning Prowler 1360

Schionning Design

"""Schionning Prowler 1360 The Prowler 1360 is a semi-displacement power catamaran design, following a more traditional style in comparison to some of the more modern power designs such as the Growler Series. The bows have been kept quite square and sharp, and the cabin features large wrap around windows and angular styling. The foredeck runs forward to the front of the bridgedeck providing a wide spacious area for sunbathing, enjoying a glass of champagne or giving storage space for dinghy or other cruising toys. Specifications LOA 13.60 metres BOA 8.40 metres DRAFT 0.600 metres HEADROOM (Hulls) Full Standing HEADROOM (Bridgedeck) Full Standing PAYLOAD 3500 kg DISPLACEMENT 10,000 kg (lightship) BRIDGEDECK CLEARANCE 0.900 metres FUEL CAPACITY 1500-3000 litres WATER CAPACITY 400 litres MOTOR OPTION 2 x 120hp-160hp Diesels SPEEDS 21-24+ knots """
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