Schionning Prowler VT650

Schionning Design

"""Schionning Prowler VT650 The VT650 has been designed specifically for those interested in a fast, practical run-a-bout for fishing, overnighting or sports, with three different versions available. A hard-top cover provides much needed shade when out on the water, as well as plenty of space to work while remaining extremely stable in even the largest swells. She has excellent load carrying capabilities, and can be loaded with equipment and passengers more so than other boats of similar size. Or perhaps just to bring home all the fish! The reduced size bimini reduces interference with rods and casting. A small fridge can be installed, and theres plenty of rooms for eskies. Specifications LOA 6.50 metres BOA 2.50 metres DRAFT 0.360 metres FUEL CAPACITY 100 - 200 litres WATER CAPACITY 50 - 75 litres BUILD TIME (APROX) 1250 Hours PAYLOAD 6 Passengers + gear DISPLACEMENT 1300 kg MOTOR OPTION 2 x 50 - 90hp Outboards CRUISING SPEED 25 - 30 knots TOP SPEED 40 - 45+ knots """
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