Schionning Wilderness 1500X

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Schionning Wilderness 1500X

The Wilderness 1500X is a true ocean-crossing blue water cruiser. This design has many many examples sailing the world, and has proven itself time and time again to be safe, efficient and a great performer, eating ocean miles day after day. Down below you'll find very generous accomodation, and more than enough payload to compensate for the cruising necessities, and the cruising luxuries. The 1500X has also proven its performance potential at our past Schionning Musters, cleaning up the competition. If you're serious about a circumnavigation, look no further than the 1500X. Galley up options available.


LOA 14.83 metres BOA 7.7 metres DRAFT 0.451 metres HEADROOM (Hulls) 1.90 metres HEADROOM (Bridgedeck) 1.90 metres MAST HEIGHT 18 metres SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail) 99 sq metres PAYLOAD 2000 kg DISPLACEMENT 7000 kg BRIDGEDECK CLEARANCE 0.950 metres BEAM TO LENGTH RATIO 14.1:1 WATER CAPACITY 600 litres FUEL CAPACITY 200 litres MOTOR OPTION 2 x 21hp Saildrive Diesels CRUISING SPEED 10 - 12 knots TOP SPEED 20+ Knots """

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