Schionning GForce 1400

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Schionning GForce 1400

The G-Force 1400 was where it all began, the first of the G-Force range and the first to prove that true performance and modern comfort could go hand in hand. The G-Force 1400 really is a lean, mean athlete, and while weight overall must be kept to a minimum, the design has a 1.5 tonne payload, more than enough for some cruising toys and the essential comfort items.


LOA 14 metres BOA 7.5 metres DRAFT 0.500 metres HEADROOM (Hulls) Full Standing HEADROOM (Bridgedeck) Full Standing MAST HEIGHT 19 metres SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail) 116 sq metres PAYLOAD 1500 kg DISPLACEMENT 5500 kg BRIDGEDECK CLEARANCE 0.950 metres BEAM TO LENGTH RATIO 16:1 MOTOR OPTION 2 x 21hp Saildrive Diesels CRUISING SPEED 16 - 19 knots TOP SPEED 25+ knots


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