Kanu Bauplan Chestnut Prospector

Bear Mountain Boats

"""A large volume tripping canoe: • Length 16' • Maximum beam 35"""" • Beam waterline 33.25"""" • Bow height 19.25"""" • Centre depth 13.25"""" • Displacement 420 lbs. • Draft 4"""" • Wetted surface 27.2 sq.ft. • Weight to immerse 120 lb/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.510 • Weight 55 to 60 lbs • Keel-less or shoe keel The Chestnut Canoe Company built this """"workhorse of the North"""" to meet the specific needs of the prospector - good maneuverability through whitewater and wilderness, with capacity to carry substantial loads. The 16' Prospector features a flattened, shallow arch hull with its fullness carried into the bow and stern, good depth amidships to maintain freeboard and deepened ends to keep paddlers and gear dry. The rockered keel-line makes it very maneuverable in whitewater. This was the favoured canoe of the late Bill Mason, Canada's premier paddler...""""it is amazing that such a large-volume tripping canoe can also be so beautiful to paddle solo in the leaned position - canoe ballet, as I call it. It is the ideal all-round canoe."""" """
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