Kanu Bauplan, Canadian

Bear Mountain Boats

"""The boat your father loved • Length 16' • Maximum beam 31.5"""" • Beam waterline 30.3"""" • Beam gunnel 30"""" • Bow height 22"""" • Centre depth 12.5"""" • Draft 4"""" • Displacement 350 lbs • Wetted surface 25.2 S.F. • Weight to immerse 94 lb/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.525 • Weight 45 to 55 lbs A 'Peterborough' canoe often referred to any open canoe, but this design comes from the company that made the town's name famous around the world. A direct descendant of the first """"planked dugout"""" created by John Stephenson 140 years ago, it is thought to be the 'Canadien' model built in the original cedar strip technique. Its narrow beam and shallow arch hull make it ideal for general-purpose paddling and light tripping. Keeled, with a slightly rockered keel-line, it is responsive and easy to paddle. This favourite of the lake district has justifiably been dubbed 'the cottager's canoe'. """