Kanu Bauplan Rob Roy L. 13'

Bear Mountain Boats

"""A classic double paddle solo canoe • Length 12' 10.5"""" • Maximum beam 27"""" • Beam waterline 24.5"""" • Beam gunnel 27"""" • Bow height 17"""" • Centre depth 10.2"""" • Draft 4"""" • Displacement 210 lbs. • Wetted surface 16.6 sq.ft. • Weight to immerse 79 lb/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.535 • Weight 25 to 40 lbs. Truly the poor mans yacht, the origin of the Rob Roy goes back to England and the mid 1800's. John MacGregor, after seeing our native birch bark canoes and the Eskimo kayak, designed his idea of an efficient cruising canoe, calling it the Rob Roy. Typical of this type of solo canoe were: length 12' to 15', propelled with a double blade paddle from a sitting position and often rigged for sail. Early American canoe builders like J. Henry Rushton and W.P. Stephens were influenced by this style. Until the early 1900's, American recreational canoeing was dominated by the double paddle canoe. This hull design has been built in many versions, from a simple light weight fast cruising canoe, to a full decked version of bookmatched walnut veneer, with sliding seat, foot rest, floorboards and hand rubbed varnish. There are many possibilities of how this canoe may be trimmed and fit out. """
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