Kanu Bauplan Hiawatha, L 15'

Bear Mountain Boats

"""A light displacement, easy-paddling canoe: • Length 15' • Maximum beam 33.5"""" • Beam waterline 31"""" • Beam gunnel 33.5"""" • Bow height 21.5"""" • Centre depth 12.25"""" • Draft 4.25"""" • Displacement 320 lbs. • Wetted surface 24.2 sq.ft. • Weight to immerse 115 lb/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.525 • Weight 40 to 50 lbs. • Keel-less or shoe keel This traditional-looking Bear Mountain design has a sheer-line and bow profile reminiscent of the early 'Canadian' style canoe. Below the waterline, the hull is a more up-to-date shape for paddling efficiency. The hull is a shallow arch with a moderately flat keel-line that flows into a shallow vee to become a fine deep vee at the bow for directional stability, speed and maneuverability. The vee is carried as far back as possible, acting as a keel, it contributes to directional stability without sacrificing maneuverability. The Hiawatha is a general purpose recreational canoe of light displacement, designed in the tradition of contemporary American cruisers, achieving its optimum waterline shape when paddled level, rather than heeled over. A good solo canoe, it is also very fast and responsive with a double blade paddle. """
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C05 - Kanu Bauplan Hiawatha, L 15'

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