Kanu Bauplan Freedom 15'

Bear Mountain Boats

"""• Length 15' • Maximum beam 33.25"""" • Beam waterline 33.4"""" • Beam gunnel 34.3"""" • Bow height 19.25"""" • Centre depth 13.1"""" • Draft 4.46"""" • Displacement 400 lbs • Wetted surface 28.0 sq.ft. • Weight to immerse 133 lb/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.566 • Weight 45 to 50 lbs • Keel-less or shoe keel • Stability factor 104 Like its sisterships, the Freedom 15 features an asymmetrical hull with a fine bow and slightly fuller stern. The mid section has mild tumblehome for comfortable solo paddling and good structural rigidity. A small canoe has an easier time turning corners and needs some design features to aid with straight-line tracking. To this end, the Freedom 15 has less rocker and deeper aft sections for effortless steering. The 35"""" beam gives it a stability factor of 104 which means it will give confidence to those on board, and yet be a pleasure to paddle. We see it on lakes, rivers, and portages being used for camping, day trips, fishing and just playing around."""
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