Kajak Bauplan True North XPD

Bear Mountain Boats

"""A high capacity modern solo kayak • Length 19'3"""" • Maximum beam 25.5"""" • Beam waterline 24"""" • Beam gunnel 25.5"""" • Bow height 15"""" • Centre depth from sheer 9"""" • Draft 4"""" • Displacement 360 lbs. • Wetted surface 26.8 sq. ft. • Weight to immerse 120 lbs/in • Prismatic coefficient 0.563 • Weight 50-60 lbs • Cockpit opening 33.5"""" x 18.5"""" • Stability Factor 124 • Optimum capacity 300-460 lbs The True North XPD Expedition brings the thrilling performance and graceful styling of the Endeavour 17 to the big or tall paddler. The True North was inspired by Ron Frenette and friends at Canadian Canoes in Mississauga, Ontario. Ron and his keen group of builders needed a kayak with more capacity for the bigger than average paddler taking extended trips. The generous keyhole cockpit aids in getting in and out while providing effective knee support while paddling. Deck height has been increased by over an inch to accommodate big feet and allow room to move around and stretch during extended periods of paddling. """
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