13' 9 Rice Lake Skiff, traditional outboard skiff

Bear Mountain Boats

Traditional outboard skiff

This sweet little skiff was built by the Rice Lake Boat Works during the transition from muscle power to the outboard. Sure to be a very useful boat at the cottage for fishing, rowing or just knocking about. It is one of the most stable boats we offer and will row well with up to three adults on board or a whole fleet of youngsters. A small outboard or electric motor will efficiently propel the boat for trolling, bird watching or just getting home a little faster. The lines were re-faired by Steve Killing keeping the character of the sheer, body sections and distinctive transom stern.

  • Length 13'9
  • Maximum beam 48"
  • Beam waterline 38"
  • Beam gunnel 48"
  • Bow height 19"
  • Centre depth 16"
  • Draft 4.8"
  • Displacement 400 lbs.
  • Wetted surface 30.7 sq.ft.
  • Weight to immerse 154 lb/in •
  • Prismatic coefficient 0.587 •
  • Weight 70-90 lbs. •
  • Stability Factor 169 •
  • Optimum capacity 180-600 lbs.
Art.-Nr. Gebinde  
C30 Stck Anfrage